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Chicago and Cook County Officials

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

President Toni Preckwinkle

Sheriff Tom Dart

Assessor Joe Berrios

Commissioner Bridget Gainer – 10th Dist.
Commissioner John Daley - 11th Dist.
Commissioner John Fritchey - 12th Dist.
Commissioner Larry Suffredin - 13th Dist.

Commissioner Mike Alvarez
Commissioner Cynthia Santos
Commissioner Debra Shore
Commissioner Mariyana Spyropolis

Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr.
Commissioner Mike Cabonargi

City Clerk Susana Mendoza

Ald. Joe Moreno – 1st Ward
Ald. Bob Fioretti – 2nd Ward
Ald. Will Burns – 4th Ward
Ald. Michelle Harris – 8th Ward
Ald. John Pope – 10th Ward
Ald. George Cardenas – 12th Ward
Ald. Marty Quinn – 13th Ward
Ald. Edward Burke – 14th Ward
Ald. Matt O’Shea - 19th Ward
Ald. Ricardo Munoz - 22nd Ward
Ald. Mike Zalewski – 23rd Ward
Ald. Danny Solis – 25th Ward
Ald. Walter Burnett – 27th Ward
Ald. Jason Ervin – 28th Ward
Ald. Deborah Graham – 29th Ward
Ald. Marge Laurino - 39th Ward
Ald. Pat O’Connor – 40th Ward
Ald. Brendan Reilly – 42nd Ward
Ald. Michele Smith - 43rd Ward
Ald. Tom Tunney - 44th Ward
Ald. James Cappleman – 46th Ward
Ald. Harry Osterman – 48th Ward

Illinois State Officials

Sec. of State Jesse White

President John Cullerton

Speaker Michael J. Madigan

Congressman Mike Quigley

Sen. Tony Munoz – 1st Dist.
Sen. Willie Delgado – 2nd Dist.
Sen. Kim Lightford – 4th Dist.
Sen. Annazette Collins – 5th Dist.
Sen. Ira Silverstein - 8th Dist.
Sen. Jeff Schoenberg – 9th Dist.
Sen. John Mulroe – 10th Dist.
Sen. Martin Sandoval – 12th Dist.
Sen. Kwame Raoul – 13th Dist.
Sen. Ed Maloney – 18th Dist.
Sen. Maggie Crotty – 19th Dist.
Sen. Susan Garrett – 29th Dist.
Sen. Terry Link – 30th Dist.
Sen. Don Harmon – 39th Dist.

Rep. Eddie Acevedo – 2nd Dist.
Rep. Louis Arroyo – 3rd Dist.
Rep. Cynthia Soto – 4th Dist.
Rep. Ken Dunkin – 5th Dist.
Rep. Esther Golar – 6th Dist.
Rep. Karen Yarbrough – 7th Dist.
Rep. La Shawn Ford – 8th Dist.
Rep. Arthur Turner – 9th Dist.
Rep. Ann Williams – 11th Dist.
Rep. Sara Feigenholtz – 12th Dist.
Rep. Greg Harris – 13th Dist.
Rep. Kelly Cassidy – 14th Dist.
Rep. John D’Amico – 15th Dist.
Rep. Lou Lang – 16th Dist.
Rep. Daniel Biss – 17th Dist.
Rep. Robyn Gabel – 18th Dist.
Rep. Joe Lyons - 19th Dist.
Rep. Michael Zalewski – 21st Dist.
Rep. Daniel Burke – 23rd Dist.
Rep. Lisa Hernandez – 24th Dist.
Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie – 25th Dist.
Rep. Monique Davis – 27th Dist.
Rep. Bob Rita – 28th Dist.
Rep. Thaddeus Jones – 29th Dist.
Rep. Mary Flowers – 31st Dist.
Rep. Andre Thapedi – 32nd Dist.
Rep. Marlow Colvin – 33rd Dist.
Rep. Connie Howard – 34th Dist.
Rep. Bill Cunningham – 35th Dist.
Rep. Kelly Burke – 36th Dist.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy – 37th Dist.
Rep. Al Riley - 38th Dist.
Rep. Deb Mell – 40th Dist.
Rep. Keith Farnham – 43rd Dist.
Rep. Fred Crespo – 44th Dist
Rep. Karen May – 58th Dist.
Rep. Carol Sente - 59th Dist.
Rep. Camille Lilly – 78th Dist.
Rep. Anthony DeLuca – 80th Dist.
Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia – 83rd Dist.
Rep. Emily McAsey - 85th Dist.
Rep. Jehan Gordon – 92nd Dist.

Democratic Party Officials

Jesse Ruben Juarez – 1st Ward
Robert Fioretti – 2nd Ward
Toni Preckwinkle – 4th Ward
Michelle Harris – 8th Ward
John Pope – 10th Ward
John Daley - 11th Ward
Antonio Munoz – 12th Ward
Michael J. Madigan – 13th Ward
Edward Burke – 14th Ward
Matthew O’Shea – 19th Ward
Ricardo Munoz – 22nd Ward
Michael Zalewski – 23rd Ward
Daniel Solis – 25th Ward
Ed Smith – 28th Ward
John Fritchey – 32nd Ward
William J.P. Banks – 36th Ward
Patricia Cullerton – 38th Ward
Randy Barnette - 39th Ward
Patrick O’Connor – 40th Ward
John Corrigan – 42nd Ward
Michele Smith - 43rd Ward
Tom Tunney – 44th Ward
Tom Sharpe - 46th Ward
Gene Schulter - 47th Ward
Carol Ronen – 48th Ward
David Fagus – 49th Ward
Ira Silverstein – 50th Ward
Maggie Crotty – Bremen Township
Robert Rita – Calumet Township
Jeff Schoenberg – Evanston Township
Barrett Pederson – Leyden Township
Steve Landek - Lyons Township
Dean Maragos – New Trier Township
Lou Lang – Niles Township
Michael Kreloff – Northfield Township
Robert Martwick – Norwood Park Township
Don Harmon – Oak Park Township
Dan McGloughlin - Orland Township
Karen Yarbrough – Proviso Township
Mike Looney - Stickney Township
Frank Zuccarelli – Thornton Township


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Judge Laura Liu / Copyright 2011
A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.